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Out of the dark – changing lives in Bihar, India
Bihar is one of the poorest states in India. Most people scratch a living from the land. Their diet and health are poor. Most girls are married in their early teens. It is the worst place in India for cataract blindness.

Mastichak is a very special village in Bihar. Every day over 300 blind villagers are bussed in to have free cataract operations at a hospital in the midst of the rice fields. The ophthalmic surgeons and their teams work shifts to get through the enormous workload and over 70 young women are being trained up to be assistants. And there is also football.

At 6.30 every morning there is football practice. The 'A' team have been in training for 2 years now. The girls are obsessed with football but as they are also learning to be ophthalmic assistants they will have a highly skilled job to fall back on should they not make it as professional footballers.

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